Women Self Defense Protection Program



Level: Advance
Limit of participants

From the Stay Away program, Women can further develop their self defence confidence to protect themselves by continuing their training.

The program features in depth practice using parts of the body as weapons as well as the use of any objects as weapons or as shields from attacks.

It also widens their understanding on threat awareness, better reaction time, instinctive responses to attacks.

Key Objectives:

● Understanding the attackers movements and applying self-defence techniques from any direction inclusive of knife threats.

● Applying Combative techniques such as the arms, hands and legs as weapons in different situations and conflicts.

● Releases from bear hugs, hair grabs and other holds in different scenarios.

● Posture, stance and voice as part of their defence strategies.

● Learning to warm up correctly, daily practice drills and combat strategy.

Participants who complete Women Self Defense Program will be awarded with Certificate of Attendance from Detactical Pte. Ltd with International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) accreditation.