Vehicle Protection Training Master Class



Level: Professional
Limit of participants

Participants will learn to defend themselves against aggressors while inside their vehicles. Prevent car theft, kidnapping and other similar attacks in and around your vehicle.

The main aim is to develop an understanding of the how to prevent common vehicle threats and from being a victim(s) of carjacking.

Every participant will use hands-on techniques to develop the correct movements and stances in the face of impending threat and the use of the body as a weapon in close quarters combat.

Part of the program also features the use of your vehicle as weapon or as shields from attacks.

Key Objectives:

  • Understanding the attacker’s movements and defense from any direction including knife and guillotine choke attacks.
  • Be able to break fall, punch, react to fight and get away from attackers while inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Applying Combat and defense techniques such as the arms as short-range weapons and legs as long range weapons in different situations and conflicts in and outside the vehicle.
  • React while attacker is inside the vehicle.