Stay Away Introductory (SAI)



Level: Novice
Limit of participants

This program Introduces participants to Krav Maga for women. The objectives are to familiarize women with real danger of attacks and empower them.

The main aim of Stay Away Introductory is to develop in women an understanding of the human anatomy and its weaknesses and then to be able to use a wide range of force to inflict injury to an attacker in an effective way.

Develop the proper mind set, movements and stances of the body to use it as a weapon in close quarter combat.

Part of the program also features the use of any objects as weapons or as shields from attacks.

Key Objectives:

● Understanding the attackers movements and defence from any direction including threats from any weapon.

● Learn to break fall, punch, react to fight, and get away from common attacks.

● Applying Combat and defense techniques.

● Releases from bear hugs and other holds in different situations.

● Use of voice and posture as deterrents.

● Applying daily practice drills.

Participants who complete Stay Away Introductory will be awarded with Certification of Attendance from International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and advance to Woman Krav Maga.

Membership Privileges: As members those who complete Stay Away Introductory can participate in the weekly Advancement Techniques Series (ATS) for further specialised training, join in the Open Gym or build capability towards the Practitioner grading.