Krav Maga Techniques



Level: Professional
Limit of participants

This program is designed for newcomers and introduces the basic elements of Krav Maga.KM is a self-defense technique for the modern world. Like many forms of self defense it is battle-tested and the preferred training approach of many of the worlds’ elite combat units. Unlike all other system, IKMF* Krav Maga is far more than a system of fighting and it is always evolving. It conditions the body and mind ensuring survivability in any form of danger.
From ISRAEL to the world, with over 67 affiliated countries worldwide, IKMF Krav Maga is the perfect defense system for the modern threats & attacks. Krav Maga will train you to be more agile in mind and body.

Key Objectives:

● Understanding the attackers movement and defence from any direction.
● Learn to react to a fight, and get away from common attacks while doing daily routine.
● Use of the arms as short-range weapons and legs as long range weapons in different situations.
● Learning to warm up correctly before each training.

Participants who complete Krav Maga Techniques can advance to Basic Krav Maga.