Krav Maga Lite (KML)



Level: Advance
Limit of participants

The main aim of this program is to introduce and develop skills that will  deter a physical conflict from happening. Participants will be able to understand the attackers behavior, be able to use a wide range of techniques to neutralize threat effectively.
Every participant will use Krav Maga Practitioner techniques to develop proper movements and stances in the face of impending threat and the use of the body as a weapon in close quarters combat.

Part of the program also features the use of daily objects and as weapons or as shields from attacks.
Key Objectives:
●Understanding the attackers movement, mindset and defence from any direction.
●Applying Self-defense techniques in different situation and conflicts.
●Develop personal and situational awareness.

Participants who complete Krav Maga Lite will be awarded with Certification of Attendance from Detactical Pte.Ltd with International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) accreditation, and qualified to train Basic Krav Maga Program.