IKMF Practitioner P1 (KMPP) Grading



Level: Professional
Limit of participants

Krav Maga grading system is divided into 3 main categories; Practitioner, Graduate and Expert levels. Members are able to sign up for their first grading after their 8 weeks of Krav Maga Practitioner Program (KMPP).

Practitioner Level (P1-P5)
These are Practitioner grading levels for Krav Maga students. Their grading patches are gold with black bars representing their level i.e. 2 bar = Practitioner Level 2 (P2). The Practitioner Levels of Krav Maga are the core of the system.

Practitioners will learn how to defend against the most common attacks, develop their combat skills, learn how to avoid threats and what to do in a confrontation. Training also improves fitness, strength, flexibility and mental determination.

Graduate Level (G1-G5)
Graduates are mainly Krav Maga instructors who wear red trim & logos on black attire. There may also be G level participants who have not taken the instructor’s certification and thus don’t wear red trimmed uniforms. The grading patches are cobalt blue with black bars representing their level i.e. 1 bar = Graduate Level 1 (G1). Participants are eligible to move into the Graduate program 6 months after completing their P5 grade.

More advanced skills are taught at G level, including dealing with more complicated threat situations. Participants are expected to have a full understanding of all the P grades and continue to keep those skills at a high level whilst progressing through the Graduate program.

Expert Level (E1-E6)
Experts are high level instructors who usually specialize or assisting in other areas such as Law Enforcement Agencies, Special Units or Military instruction in addition to their civilian qualification. Expert Instructors uniforms have gold trim & logos. Their grading patches are gold with red bars.