Detactical Women Self-defence



Level: Novice
Limit of participants

This program introduces participants to self-defence for women. The goal is to familiarize women with real danger from attacks and ways to empower them.

The main aim of Detactical Women Self-defence is to develop an understanding of the female anatomy, its weaknesses and flaws, then apply a wide range of acquired techniques and skills to neutralise an attacker effectively.

Develop the proper mindset, movements and stances of the body by using it as a tool in close quarter combat.

Part of the program also features the use of any objects as shields from attacks.


● Understanding the attackers movements and defence from any direction including threats from any weapon.

● Learn to break fall, punch, react to fight, and get away from common attacks.

● Applying Combat and defense techniques.

● Releases from bear hugs and other holds in different situations.

● Use of voice and posture as deterrents.

● Applying daily practice drills.

Participants who complete Detactical Women Self-defence will be awarded with Detactical Certificate and entitled to three months refresher from course completion date.

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