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20% discount for APSA (Asia Pacific Security Association) members.
10% discount for staff of APSA members.
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Detactical Women Self-defence

  • Novice
180 min

Introduces participants to Krav Maga for women. The objectives are to familiarize women with real danger of attacks and how they use the instinctive reaction to danger to assert power of women.

Krav Maga Practitioner Program (KMPP)

  • Advance
960 min

The main aim is to develop an understanding of the Krav Maga Practitioner Program (KMPP), including Krav Maga techniques, scientific explanations, human anatomy, its weaknesses and be able to use a wide range of force to inflict injury to an attacker in an effective way. Krav Maga Practitioner Progr...

Krav Maga Class

  • Advance
1200 min

To develop an understanding of the human anatomy and its weaknesses and then to be able to use wide range of techniques force to deter an attacker effectively.

Self-defense and Risk Awareness (Institutions)

  • Professional
480 min

This program will educate and enhance participants awareness in detecting and recognizing possible attacks and threats at workplace.

Defense Against Carjacking and Street Attacks

  • Professional
480 min

Introducing self-defense techniques and fighting skill to individuals on proper way to react, fight and survive common carjacking, street threats and attacks.

Off Site Training Program

  • Advance
120 min

To reach out to a group of Self-defense enthusiast with a minimum of 8 participants and above to sign up for any of our programs. 1 Day training will be conducted at your place and at your convenient schedule.

Pure Combative Krav Maga

  • Expert
540 min

Reacting responsibly to attacks inside a bus, office, mrt or public place.

Advanced Provide Close Protection Escort Services

  • Expert
300 min

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the session, participants should be able to: Incorporate PCPES knowledge and skills with firearms tactics and defensive techniques for Close Protection Operative.

Scenario-based Tactical Shooting for Civilians

  • Intense
560 min

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the session, participants should be able to: Protect and defend themselves against armed conflict on urban setting.

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